The Sucarnochee Revue

is recorded live at the University of West Alabama and at the Temple Theatre in downtown Meridian.

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The Sucarnochee Revue

is a one-hour Radio program recorded live featuring music and musicians from the Black Belt Region of Mississsippi and Alabama.

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The Sucarnochee Revue

is aired by radio stations around the world and on the Internet as well! We have fans from Australia, S. Korea, England, Ireland, Germany, and more.

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Welcome To The Sucarnochee Revue & Record Company!

In case you didn’t know it, it’s all about the music. A particular kind of music that comes from a very special region in this country called The Black Belt. Stretching across Mississippi and Alabama, The Black Belt Region is home to an unbelievable number of songwriters, musicians, and quite frankly artists of all kinds. It must be something in the water or the dirt roads or the hot August sun that brings out musical talents. Whatever it is, it’s good family entertainment that you just don’t see anywhere much these days.

Rather than try to describe this special brand of music, sit back and enjoy listening to some recent performances at the Sucarnochee Revue.

The Stagehands & Jacky Jack White Perform “Baby I Need Your Loving”

From the Chris Ethridge Tribute, THE SUCARNOCHEE REVUE. July 2, 2010. The Temple Theatre, Meridian, Mississippi.

YouTube Preview Image

Mississippi Chris Sharp, Piper Lauderdale & The Jangalang Band Perform “Faithless Love”

Sung by Piper Lauderdale

Live from the Chris Ethridge Tribute on THE SUCARNCHEE REVUE. 7/2/10, the Temple Theatre, Meridian, Mississippi

YouTube Preview Image

Jody Tartt White Performs “She”

Written by Chris Ethridge and Gram Parsons. Sung by Jody Tartt White on the Chris Ethridge Tribute show of The Sucarnochee Revue, July 2, 2010. Jacky Jack White – Guitar; Spooner Oldham (not seen on video) – Organ; Chris Ethridge- Piano; David Zettler – Percussion. Live, from the Temple Theatre, Meridian, Mississippi.

YouTube Preview Image

If you want some more from where that came from, come join us one evening and see the show live, or check out one of the great Radio Stations all over the world who broadcast The Sucarnochee Revue.

Thank you!


The wait is over! We are pleased to announce that the latest CD full of great performances from the Sucarnochee Revue Live Shows.

The Sucarnochee Revue: Music For The New South Volume III Is Now Available!


Sucarnochee Record Company

Sucarnochee Records was launched in February 2010 as a subsidiary of Silverwolf Records. Our mission is to bring the finest Roots Music Recording to the public to educate, enlighten, and entertain people with the best music from artists all over the Black Belt Region of Alabama & Mississippi.

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